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How It Works

Imagine chairs, tables, and desks literally grown in a factory in upstate New York in a week.

Mycelium, “nature’s glue,” binds together agricultural substrates to make natural foams and particleboard—just like the furniture all around you, but grown. Ecovative Interiors is a line of completely grown products for the home and office.

Our seating, accessories, and work surfaces are built from our MycoBoard™ engineered wood, our MycoFoam™ plastic foam replacement, and our MycoFlex™ biopolymer. Using mycelium, we’ve biofabricated an entire line of furniture that is healthy, safe, and sustainable.

The Ecovative Team photo
The Ecovative Team. – ecovativedesign.com

Our Mission

Ecovative’s core mission is to envision, develop, produce, and market Earth friendly materials, which, unlike conventional synthetics, can have a positive impact on our planet’s ecosystem.

We are committed to working with industry and consumers to rid the world of toxic, unsustainable materials. We believe in creating products that enable companies and individuals to achieve their sustainability goals, without having to sacrifice on cost or performance.

Our Process

  1. Receive agricultural waste purchased from regional farmers.
  2. Clean the agricultural waste and introduce it to mycelium.
  3. Bag this mixture and let the mycelium grow for a few days. The mycelium sees the agricultural waste as food and reaches out to digest it, forming a matrix of white fibers along the way.
  4. Each particle is now coated in mycelium and we break it up into loose particles again.
  5. Loose particles are put into a tool where the mycelium grows through and around the particles, forming a solid structure and filling any void space. We let this grow for a few days until it is solid, and then remove it from the tool.
  6. Materials are dried to stop growth and prevent it from producing mushrooms or spores. Learn More at ecovativedesign.com


Mushroom® Materials do not degrade without exposure to living organisms, such as that found in soil biota, and moisture. You can think of it like an unfinished piece of wood. A wooden table isn’t going to decompose without exposure to the right conditions. Like most things you’d keep in your home or in a warehouse, Mushroom Materials will last. But if you leave that wooden table outside, or put wood chips into a compost pile, it will naturally decompose. The same is true with Mushroom Materials.

Mycelium being introduced to agricultural waste
Mycelium being introduced to agricultural waste. – ecovativedesign.com
Mycelium (mushroom roots) Growing
Mycelium (mushroom roots) growing. – ecovativedesign.com

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