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Tafl Table


Limited Edition Item: Only 11 left!

This is a limited edition product and it requires time to be grown. You can expect your table to arrive 6-8 weeks after ordering.

At first glance it appears to be an ordinary accent table: a beautifully designed four-legged wood-like base with a circular stone top. In fact, it is far from ordinary. The Tafl table is fully biofabricated: grown in just a few days using Mushroom® Materials, agriculture waste, and microorganisms. It is toxin free and sustainably manufactured.


Short: 15" Diameter, 17.75" Height

Tall: 20" Diameter, 22.5" Height

Why Shop Home Grown?

  • 100% grown, biobased
  • Made in USA
  • Free shipping
  • 90-day money back guarantee

A Biofab Collab

Ecovative and bioMASON, both pioneers in bio-based materials and manufacturing with living products, have collaborated on a furniture line. This furniture features products from both companies to bring truly living materials into the home, office, or school. These products are beautiful, healthy, and exceed the highest standards for environmental quality and performance.

The marriage of MycoBoard™, a formaldehyde-free engineered wood, and bioMASON’s biocement™ based surface represents a unique fusion of form and function for healthy interior solutions.

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Ken Lush and Thomas Hill in the Ecovative office with Tafl Table top and a desk organizer
Ken Lush of Ecovative and Thomas Hill of bioMASON in Ecovative's Green Island office
Jeff Betts at biofabricate 2016 with two Tafl Tables
Ecovative’s Jeff Betts at biofabricate 2016 with Tafl Tables.

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