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Furniture for your home & office grown using just three ingredients: mycelium, hemp, and a pinch of starch.

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Why a Home Grown Home?

The average desk, chair, or end table you might own today likely contains a mix of synthetic glues and fire retardants, many of which emit harmful gases day after day in your home.

​At Ecovative, everything we offer is grown using just a few simple ingredients: mycelium, hemp, and a pinch of starch. Mycelium, a living polymer formed from the root structure of mushrooms, acts as “nature’s glue” to do the rest, and transforms these ingredients into a premium range of products for your home. Learn More.

The Packaging

All of our Interiors products are shipped to you in our Mushroom® Packaging, a compostable replacement for plastic foams such as Styrofoam.


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In 2009, we told the world we were going to help eliminate harmful packaging, and we have. In 2016, we’re working to get toxic chemicals out of our home and office furniture.

Watch the video below to learn what we’re all about.

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